Family business Bos Nieuwerkerk specialises in chimney technology … and more.

You might think this is simply putting up a pipe, but there is much more to it. For industrial installations, important focus areas are: emission requirements, the maximum permitted pressure in the system, the composition of the medium and also the location; is the chimney to be placed on a chemical plant or at a production plant in the open?

In short, if you need a chimney, we will first ask you about any noise requirements for the plot boundary, about CPTs (Cone Penetration Tests) and if there is a constant flow of process and/or production gas.

As we are familiar with these technologies, together we can quickly come to a set of requirements to calculate your desired chimney.

For products such as silencers, foundations, valves and fans, we have been working for years with partners who know exactly what is important to achieve a turnkey solution. We keep control of the total project, so you only have one point of contact: Bos Nieuwerkerk.

To us chimney technology also includes smoke plume calculations, analyses of flue or process gas, heat recovery from the gases and filtering of gases.