A chimney with ducts and pipes is not yet a complete working system. So we also supply fans, steel constructions, measurement & control technology, silencers and foundations. Together with our experienced partners, we can make the project as easy as possible for you and take on your project in its entirety. 

Things that are not meant to be:

The importance of chimney technology becomes clear in this video that shows what may happen when two chimneys influence each other. This is the so-called ‘wake galloping’: wind swirling around one chimney causes instability of the other chimney.

Vortex shedding
The phenomenon ‘vortex shedding’ is also caused by the wind. The combination of the chimney diameter, length and material results in a ‘critical wind speed’ that is different for each chimney. This means that an undamped chimney may start vibrating into its own frequency. In other words: the amplification effect.