Since 1 July 2014, European harmonised product standard EN 1090-1 requires all load-bearing steel structures to bear the CE marking in order to be traded within the EU. The CE marking indicates the product’s compliance with the requirements set for Europe in the CPR (Construction Products Regulation), e.g. with respect to safety. This CE declaration may only be affixed by manufacturers certified by a Notified Body on the basis of EN 1090-1.

As chimneys are load-bearing steel structures, CE marking is mandatory.

In addition, a chimney builder must also be certified in accordance with EN 13084-7, the product specification for steel chimneys.

In addition to the above certificates, the producer must be FPC certified (Factory Production Control). In this way, the manufacturer can demonstrate that he has implemented the right quality management and control system. This system is based on ISO 9001 with the ISO 3834-2 certificate as a supplement for the welding process. The system requires qualification of both the welding processes (according to EN-ISO 15614-1) and the welders (according to EN-ISO 9606-1 and EN-ISO 14732).

Bos Nieuwerkerk has the SCC certificate for safety, health and the environment. SCC stands for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Checklist for Contractors.

Certificates of Bos Nieuwerkerk include:

  • CPR(305/2011/EU)
  • NEN-EN 1090-1
  • NEN-EN 13084-7
  • NEN-AND-ISO 3834-2
  • NEN-AND-ISO 9001
  • SCC6*