Our values

Throughout the years we have used the mottos below. They are our corporate culture that is ingrained in the DNA of everyone at Bos Nieuwerkerk.

Business is business, but business always includes people
Since our start this is the motto that has been characteristic of us. We don’t do business at all costs. If possible, the relationship is even more important than the case. With respect to our clients as well as our partners and employees, people are most important.

We are as good as our word
Much more than a slogan, it is a commitment we make. In a previous survey we asked the question “What makes Bos Nieuwerkerk different from others in the market?” The answer most clients gave was: “Bos Nieuwerkerk always keep their agreements”. A confirmation of a fact that makes perfect sense to us. You may call it our second nature.

The word impossible doesn’t exist in our vocabulary
Our technicians live and breathe technology and finding solutions is what they like best. Whether you require a different way of assembly or, in an emergency situation a project must be finished in half the normal time: you can count on us.