What about ‘…and more’?
For years we have been trying to find the word or sentence that describes what we do exactly. This is because the term chimney technology does not cover our activities, far from it.

We tried: ‘solutions in the field of fume/process gases’. But this was too abstract to the no nonsense attitude of our company.

Heat recovery
While we dispose of your flue or process gases through ducts and the chimney, we might as well use the heat that leaves the chimney in a process called heat recovery. In this way, you will not only contribute to a better environment, but you will also earn back the investment in the chimney within a few years.

De nieuwste ontwikkelingen
Ook heeft u met steeds stringentere regelgeving te maken. Samen met u zorgen we ervoor dat u aan de eisen kunt voldoen. En uiteraard houden wij de nieuwste ontwikkelingen voor u in de gaten. Vandaar ook dat wij partners om ons heen hebben verzameld die u kunnen bijstaan met filter/geur-neutralisatie oplossingen.

The latest developments
You will have to deal with increasingly strict regulations. Together with you, we can ensure that you will meet the requirements. And why not let us keep an eye on the latest developments for you. We have a team of partners that can provide filter/odour neutralisation solutions.

Before, during, after
We are committed during the various phases of a project: well before the first ideas are converted into specifications; during a project if new insights or additional requirements arise; or if the installation is already there and changes occur with respect to environmental requirements or legislation.

This is why we stick to ‘Chimney technology … and more’.