Chimney dimensions (diameter, wall thickness and height) depend on volume flow, environmental requirements, wind load and a possible earthquake load. For the choice of material we look at the chemical composition and the temperature of the medium (flue or process gas). Most commonly used materials are carbon steel, weatherproof steel and stainless steel.

Within Europe, chimneys are designed according to the Eurocode, the main relevant codes are: EN-1991 (loads), EN-1993 (steel structures) and if applicable EN-1998 (earthquakes). These codes as well as our certifications with respect to production, make sure that your chimney will bear the CE mark. This is required!
The chimneys can be freestanding or braced or guyed, they may be single-walled or have internal flue gas discharge, whether or not insulated and/or conserved.

In addition to chimneys, we also engineer, produce and assemble flue pipes, of course in accordance with company and national requirements.